Monday, 10 December 2012

Munster Windows

We today we had the pleasure of the Munster fitting team, Jamie Phillips, Dariusz Zawada and Mateusz Trojak. We can only sing their praises, professional, polite, respectful of the site and the team, accurate fitting, tidy… they even took their own packaging and waste away.

There were 11 windows/doors to fit and having travelled 4 hours to get here they arrived around 10am and left us just as it got dark. Being a renovation this was never going to be an easy fit, but they relished ion the challenge and thoughtfully fitted the windows, knowing whether to ask to fit plum or to the reveals showing a good understanding of the difference in  renovating an old building to throwing up a new build.

We are looking forward to having the same team back (please) to do the second stage next year, and possibly to snag some of the minor manufacturing blemishes in the paint finish on a few windows.

We chose Munster as they were recommended by our architect, Squirrel Design and they proved to be cost competitive with a good quality product.

P1080529P1080546 P1080554 P1080551

New openings…

Been blessed with a glorious day for the window fitting for Barn 2 (the first barn we are working on) today so been an early start just finessing the openings ready for Munster to come and slot them in.

After this we are onto plastering, finishing details and second fix…

P1080525  P1080518 P1080475 P1080488 P1080523 P1080507 P1080502

Monday, 3 December 2012

Blackmountain Thermalflex trial

We recently took delivery of a load of Black Mountain Thermalflex insulation. After long chats with Andrew Evans we decided to try this instead of our originally planned sheep’s wool. One of the deciding factors for us was its greater resistance to slump and its improved sound absorption. The product is more rigid than wool so holds it shape more easily in the roof and stud walls.

On the application side we found it pretty easy to install, coming in a convenient 380 width for our 400 centres studs.

Cutting was easiest with a serrated knife. It was suggested that an electric carving knife is THE best but we found a good old bread knife pretty good. One thing we did find was that the product was much harsher on the eyes than the wool we had used previously… so our recommendation, WEAR GOGGLES, especially if you are working overhead. We all had red irritable eyes for the first day after we put it in… 

You can download the ThermalFlex tech sheet and get a bit more information on it. We found the company easy to talk to and very responsive to enquiries.  We plan to use them for our rigid board insulating sarking for the roof too.

P1080344 P1080354

Oh yeah, check out John’s curved wall using 2 sheets of flexible 6mm plasterboard layered together…