Friday, 27 April 2012

Cob, stone, lintels and secret passageways…

One of the features of the Playroom we are currently working on is a secret passageway within which is a “window seat” from which you can look into the room through the eyes of a painting… we wanted to create some unexpected surprises and encourage “play”. Entry to the passage will be by opening a book case… mechanism likely to be the cliché of pulling the spine of a book!

Right now John has been suring up the walls and now adding the pads and lintels to support the cob above. The stone coming out has also been invaluable in filling gaps and supplying some large chunks for the underpinning in one corner.

P1060975 P1060976 P1060980 P1060983 P1060982 P1060992

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lime happy

Well we got our first delivery from Mike Wye today which put a smile on everyone's faces. This felt like the first constructive task after so much deconstruction… John immediately got into some pointing and it just felt, smelt and looked right, natural. The 3T delivery vehicle was perfect for our small lanes and allowed the 1st lot of product to be dropped nice and close to the building.

P1060932 P1060934

Monday, 9 April 2012

Secret passageway

Well aside form the frightening bits of the foundations we are now starting to get an idea of how much fun the building will be when finished. One of the features is a secret passageway for kids to play in and surprise people from… complete with bookcase door.

Here John measures up for the pillar and beams whilst I am scrutinising the plans.

P1060917 P1060920